Video Film Web Media Consulting is an organization with the mission of bringing together artists, entrepreneurs and the community through a collaborative educational process.

We are currently exploring the work of those making a positive impact in NYC for consideration to become Platinum PIA Award nominees.

The 7th Annual Platinum PIAs is coming and is known as the Community Awards Show.

It is our belief that today's creative person, in order to be optimally successful, might want to consider approaching his or her career as both an artist and an entrepreneur.

And now, finally, Yianni Stamas and crew have created a website to help artists succeed called Art Gush.

We feel this pursuit of programs like thisand many more will create opportunities in our economy and therefore are supporting those who appear to be moving toward outstanding achievements in both the art and science of building communication. This is the keystone of the PIAs principles.

PIA nominees are individuals who are helping to build community and awareness through presenting a solution for a problem for which they have special expertise.

We consider these solution providers to be educators, presenting their solutions both in person as well as through educational media.


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